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Listed below is an overview of some of the more popular gunsmithing services that we offer.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 702-486-5409 to ask your question or to schedule an appointment for a private consultation.

"Deep Clean" : Cleaning & Safety Inspection Service

With a deep cleaning and internal parts checkup, we can detect possible problems early on and treat them accordingly. The check-up and cleaning includes teardown, cleaning and a full visual inspection of all parts. After documenting any issues or recommendations, your firearm receives the proper lubrication and is reassembled.


"Quick Clean" Cleaning & Safety Inspection Service now also available for less money and less time. Please call for details!


Refinishing, Restoration

Is your firearm showing its age, or is the finish showing holster wear or rust?

We can refinish it for you! Refinishing includes disassembly, cleaning and a full visual inspection of all parts and includes a minor hand polishing. We will document any issues and contact you to discuss the recommendations prior to replacing any parts or performing the repairs. Then if desired and as previously discussed, your firearm will receive the hot bluing, rust bluing or baked on finish of your choice. After the finish is inspected and the internal parts lubricated the firearm is completely reassembled.


Restoration services will be discussed prior to work. This may include parts replacement, cleaning up the old finish or a complete refinishing.


Please note that some heavy, deep rusting or finish damage will need additional time and labor charges. No additional work will be done without your authorization. We will also advise you if the cost of refinishing or restoring the firearm is practical.


Customizing your firearm:

Want a new look? Want to be envy of your friends? How about tricking out your firearm with new night sights or putting on a new hunting scope?  We can upgrade your Glock, 1911, AR-15, AK rifle or your favorite pistol, revolver or rifle for a reasonable price!

Maybe you'd just like to have your trigger pull smoothed out or have old worn out springs replaced. Contact us today with your wish list and we will give you a free estimate for your dream makeover! We also sell loaders and hand rackers too!  Ask us if we carry or can get what you need today!


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