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Gun Doctor Nevada is a Federal Firearms Licensed gunsmithing and gun sales business that specializes in First Aid for Firearms! We will treat you as a friend, not  just as another customer lost on the repair bench. 


Call  (702) 486-5409  to book your custom appointment today! You may also email  Gun Doctor Nevada at


Do you have a firearm question? Email or call us today! We are happy to help!


If you need a quality firearm repair or if you are looking to update and enhance your firearm to match your evolving needs,  Gun Doctor Nevada is your Gunsmith!

We excel in refinishing and restoring firearms to their best condition, or to your specifications. We can restore to old and new conditions! If you are looking for a new firearm, we can help you find just what you are looking for from a variety of resources!


We sell bullet-proof backpacks, bullet proof vests, law-enforcement quality pepperspray, quality combination flashlights, tactical knives, comfortable multi-position holsters, concealed carry purses, specialty hardcase road flares and more! We can easily custom order specific items upon request.  New in stock : Official Gun Doctor Nevada Tshirts!


Click on our Products Page to see all of the products that we recommend and offer for sale. Gun Doctor Nevada is an approved installer of the Cominolli Glock External Safety and we sell NRA & USCCA memberships! Call for details!


Knowledge is power! The more you know about your firearm, it's history and how it works,  the more secure and happy you will feel about it!  Do you have a question about a specific firearm? Not sure what firearm is best for you or your loved one? We can do the research for you and help you find your answer! We will help you decide what the most safe, practical & affordable firearm is right for you!


Need a quick update to an old favorite? Have a damaged firearm or one in pieces?  Gun Doctor Nevada can help!  Call today for your appointment and bring in all of your firearms (working or not, altogether or in pieces!) to Gun Doctor Nevada for repair, restorations, upgrades and regular checkups! 


Click on the Services page to learn more. Gun Doctor Nevada offers many services such as installing night sights, new grips, trigger work, diagnostic estimates and repair of malfunctions, and much more!


Gun Doctor Nevada! We are proud supporters of the NRA.

We are USCCA , NSSF and affiliates.


Find us easily on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Angie's List and Google.


Click on our Photos page to check out our past and current projects   


Yes, we can do purple & pink guns! See our photos page for ideas or call today! 


We are located at: 1549 Athol Avenue Suite 110, Henderson, Nevada 89011.

Our regular hours are: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9 am to 4 pm PST.  We are not open on Sundays.


Beginning February 1st, 2021 our schedule will be Tuesday through Saturday from 9:00am -4:00pm. We will not be open to the public on Sundays & Mondays.


Please call if you need any help finding us and if you have any scheduling/emergency appointment/holiday hours questions!


Gun Doctor Nevada accepts Cash and Credit Cards! 
We accept Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Discover, Master Card, American Express and Visa! (A 3% extra charge per transaction will be collected  for all card payments.) 

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